Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Choose the Active Youth Network For Hosting

The Active Youth Network offers website and ad hosting for youth sports organizations. The thing that’s emphasized most with their product is their integrated advertising.

Their advertising is completely handled by the company. They choose family-friendly companies to advertise on their websites. By accepting their free website, you agree to have their advertising on your pages. Regions can receive a share (70 percent) of the revenue from these advertisements, which is a great revenue generator for your Region.

They also offer a “QuickAds” solution where your Region can sell ads to local advertisers. These ads can be managed through the Active Youth Network website. By getting local ads, Regions can earn an extra 70 percent commission on top of the 70 percent received from Active Youth Network.

Their websites are easy to edit and they have lots of design templates to choose from. Their sites are on a WordPress platform, so they’re easy to maintain. They have some built in features available on their websites, including photo galleries and blogs to keep your parents interested in what’s happening in your Region.

If you have any questions about Active Youth Network, please leave them in the comments!

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  1. Hello Jen, the decision on which provider to go with has been a perplexing one for us. I've been following your posts so far and this one looks pretty good to me. Thanks for your efforts in this area and I look forward to more posts.