Thursday, May 2, 2013

Is Your Region Website Info Up to Date?

As a Webmaster, you put a lot of work into your Region website. From making sure that all the information is up to date to figuring out the best keywords to use to improve SEO, it’s a big job.

Make sure that people can find the website! We’ve recently re-done the Region Locator page, and the National Office has started a push for parents to visit the Region Locator and use the tool. Once a parent plugs his/her zip code into the tool and sets the distance preference, all of the Regions in the area pop up.

In the results, along with the Region contact person and a phone number, the Region website link pops up. Make sure your website URL is up to date in eAYSO, or parents searching for your website and registration details, won’t be able to find you.

To update your Region website information in eAYSO, visit Region>Setup>General and type the Region website URL into the “Region Website” field.

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