Friday, May 17, 2013

Comparing Web Hosting Options

We realize that choosing a web host can be a difficult decision to make. They all seem like they offer the same products for the same price. We've decided to break down our featured hosting providers so you can get a direct comparison on the features they offer.

Easy CMS X X X
Migration Included X
Lots of Themes X X X
Customer Support X X X
Advertising X X
Paid Upgrade X X
Schedule Module X X
Reporting/Stats Module X X
Email Module X
Calendar Module X
Volunteer Sign Up Module X
Photo Gallery X X
Blog X
Text Messaging X

If you have comments or know of any additional features, please let us know in the comments. We hope this will help you with making your hosting decision!


  1. Thanks for the posting Jen. I think this will help us (and other regions) to make a decision.

    Our Region is seriously considering Active Youth Network due to our marketing focus. We've tried contacting Blue Sombrero, but have had little success in speaking to them. Our RC will be attending NAGM this weekend, where she's hoping to contact the folks from Blue Sombrero to get an idea of what they can do for us.

    Thanks again, George Denzinger, Kentwood AYSO 8/J/767 Communications Coordinator

  2. Region 68 Camarillo went with Blue Sombrero and I would highly recommend their customer service and user interface. Of course going from Club Spaces to Blue Sombrero it was like graduating Kindergarten going straight to College.

    It still is a bit of work transferring files over from Clubspaces to Blue Sombrero. Allow yourself a minimum of 50+ hours to get the site to a workable format.

    Check out the site:

    Kevin Churchill
    Region 68 Camarillo