Tuesday, May 7, 2013

eTeamz…an Easy Solution

eTeamz is partnered with Active, so it’s an easy solution for transferring your website. Active will do the site migration for you, so all you have to do is continue maintaining your site the way it is.

eTeamz is a sports website platform that is similar to Clubspaces. They have 75+ site design templates to choose from. All you need to do is drop in your logo. Their editor is simple and easy to use – no more difficult than using Microsoft Word. They offer a scheduler and a soccer statistics tracker module that lets you enter scores for Region games over multiple seasons. There is an integrated email communication module so that Regions can send out communications to parents, coaches, referees or whomever you need to get information to. The calendar feature lets you create a detailed game calendar with dates, times and locations so that parents can keep on top of their child’s schedule. They also have a product called MessageCast which allows the Region to send out text messages to anyone on the recipient list (Similar to Rained Out used at the National Games last year).

They offer an advertising module (for an additional fee) to help with Region advertising. It allows your to sell custom ad space to your local sponsors and maintain it from your website.

Users can upgrade to eTeamz Plus and get features such as draft saving while editing pages, uploading league or sponsor logos, and fully customizable designs. This feature also includes surveys and polls, and icons to highlight new or changed content on your site.

If you have any other questions about eTeamz, please leave them in the comments!


  1. Hello Jen, our region had eTeamz in the past, and I wasn't all that impressed by them. But then again, that was several years ago and things change. Will you be doing a side-by-side comparison of these providers at some point?

    BTW, these posts have been very informative. I'm grateful to get them. Thanks, George Denzinger, Communications Coordinator 8/J/767 Kentwood, Michigan.

    1. Hi George, I'm glad these posts have been helpful! I can definitely put together a side by side comparision to the best of my ability. Comments about people's experience with these products definitely help others in making a decision about hosting providers!

  2. Will the eTeamz have ads like Clubspaces did? The big bulky ads were such an annoyance to us that we had already started looking into moving our website before the message about Clubspaces came out.

    Thanks, Chynna Randall Regional Webmaster 6/B/1512 Rogers, MN

    1. Hi Chynna, I found the following on their FAQs:

      Do I have to have banner ads on my site?
      No. PLUS users can opt to turn banner ads off or upload their own ads by purchasing the "Ad Option" in the eteamz admin. All BASIC (no cost) sites are required to have banner ads, which help support the free subscription.

      It looks as if you upgrade (and PAY) for plus, you will not have banner ads on the site. Only the BASIC sites (and FREE ones) will have banner ads on them.

      I hope this was helpful!