Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SEO and User-Friendly Content

As an AYSO webmaster , you have your work cut out for you. Even to many seasoned webmasters, the dos and don’ts sometimes seem to be written by aliens in another language. You probably wear many hats and have many other tasks to perform as well, so making sure that your website is search engine friendly can sometimes fall by the wayside. Today we’re going to briefly discuss SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and how you can perform a few easy tasks in your day-to-day website upkeep to make sure your website stays code-modern and content-focused.

1. Get in the niche
We’re all about soccer! What does that mean for your website? Try to think about terms that folks will search for, and incorporate them into your content whenever possible. Phrases like “Local Game”, “Youth Soccer”, “Pick-Up Games”, these can be valuable for improving your search engine results. If there are ways to make your tour or activity even more specialized, then you might want to consider them. Perhaps you could mention your town, city, state, local fields where games are typically played? Providing a specialized offering means that the content you create for your website content in general will be more relevant to you, and therefore, your target audience.

TIP: As a specialized webmaster, you are the expert! Share your knowledge with good key words and phrases!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Important Tip: Share the Password

More and more AYSO Regions and Areas are taking advantage of useful social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These sites can be great advertising for Regions, and help you reach potential families and volunteers you otherwise would not have access to.

If your Region utilizes social media, make sure that more than one person has access to the social media login information. While it's a good idea to have one person take ownership of the social media responsibilities, it's also smart to make sure that at least one other person has the administrative login privileges.