Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Important Tip: Share the Password

More and more AYSO Regions and Areas are taking advantage of useful social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These sites can be great advertising for Regions, and help you reach potential families and volunteers you otherwise would not have access to.

If your Region utilizes social media, make sure that more than one person has access to the social media login information. While it's a good idea to have one person take ownership of the social media responsibilities, it's also smart to make sure that at least one other person has the administrative login privileges.

Because Facebook Business Pages are tied to personal Facebook accounts, there is not a specific login information that is needed. The administrator of the Facebook page can assign admin rights to a list of people. Make sure at least three people have these admin rights at all times.

If there happens to be unexpected turnover in a position or another situation that makes the social media person unavailable, your Region won't be locked out of your own accounts. Have social media questions? Leave a comment below!

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