Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Advertise Your Facebook Posts

If your Region has a modest Facebook following, it may not make the most sense to invest a lot of time and money in a comprehensive Facebook advertising plan. But, if you have an upcoming registration event, tournament or fundraising opportunity that you'd like to promote, Facebook's single-post advertising could work wonders.

After posting a photo, video or status update on Facebook, you'll see a button at the bottom of the post that says "Get More Reach" as pictured above. Click on this and you'll see how you can promote just this post on Facebook, either just to your fans or to your fans and their friends.

Consider doing this for your next registration event. Post a fun photo with an update that reads "AYSO Region XX will host our first registration event this Saturday at XX. Stop by and sign up for some AYSO soccer! All registrants will get a free T-shirt!"

You can promote this post with as little as $5 or as much as $500 (Facebook will show you how much reach your budget will get you) and your post will be sure to show up in many more news feeds than it would regularly. And it's much cheaper than getting a billboard or advertising in your local newspaper.

Remember, people spend a lot of time on Facebook - more time than any other site. Advertising here could be a big win for your Region.

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