Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It’s Registration Season. What Should Be On Your Website?

Lots of Regions are in the thick of registration right now. Parents will be out there looking for places to sign their kids up for soccer. How do you make sure they sign up with your Region?
  1. Make sure your homepage is up to date. Make sure that vital information such a registration times, dates and places are visible or somewhere that they can easily be located. These dates are the first thing parents are looking for when they go to your Region website right now.
  2. Put together an FAQ for Registration. Parents will have questions about registration – what ages can you register your child at? How many registrations are left? I missed a registration, how can I still register? These are all questions that are common during registration, and if you have an FAQ page next to the registration information that contains these types of questions, you will eliminate the need for parents to physically call or email the Region. Don’t know which questions to put on the FAQ page? Ask the Regional Commissioner or the Registrar for your Region (or whoever fields those calls/emails).
  3. Make sure contact information is available. Parents might still have questions beyond the registration information or the FAQ page, so there should be some sort of contact information available on your website. Create a Contact Us page, or put a link/phone number so that parents will have somewhere to go when their questions are unanswered.
  4. Show kids and parents having fun. Putting pictures on your website that show players and parents having fun at the games promotes an environment that parents want their kids to be included in. You can emphasize that every child plays at least 50 percent of each game, ensuring your child won’t be sitting on the bench the whole time.
  5. Explain why AYSO is different (and so great)! Parents new to AYSO don’t know what our philosophies are or why that makes us different from other soccer programs in the community. Break it down for parents, and don’t just list the philosophies. Explain what they are and why they make us so great!

If you have any other tips of information that should be on a Region’s website right now, please leave them in the comments for everyone!

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