Thursday, April 11, 2013

Does Your Region Use Clubspaces?

Websites are an important means of distributing information these days. It's almost expected that everyone and everything will have a website that is easily accessible with all of the pertinent information available at the click of a mouse.

AYSO recognizes this need and has a few solutions that make it so ANY Region can have their own website and maintain it themselves!

We regret that the team has needed to retire the Clubspaces products but it is to enhance and upgrade what they offer. If your Region currently uses a Clubspaces website product, We want to help in every way we can to make your transition a smooth one.

Here's how to transition Your Clubspaces website

We expect your Clubspaces website to be live until December 2013, but it is only guaranteed through July. And there will be little or no support after July. We encourage you to research and plan your new website now so a transition can take place at a time most convenient to you.

Be sure to check this blog regularly. With regular posts by myself and Jen Kaye, we'll be posting updated information on free AYSO website tools, share tips, provide National Office assistance.

To see four good website options for you to research and choose from moving forward, click here.

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