Monday, December 17, 2012

Widgets Everywhere!

Widgets are becoming more and more popular as a means to import information from other sites and display it on your own. Most of them are fairly simple to add to your website (usually a JavaScript or an iFrame) and they can give your website added value and help increase traffic. Did I mention most of them are FREE?

Some popular uses of widgets include:

Facebook Widget
These widgets let you add a small feed of your Facebook timeline to your website. It helps to let people know that you also have a presence on Facebook and that your Region’s volunteers and parents are engaging there as well. The Facebook Activity widget can be found here.

Twitter Widget
Similar to the Facebook widget, this app allows you to display your Twitter feed on your website. It will let people see some of your tweets and prompts them to connect with you on Twitter for more info. Here’s a popular Twitter widget you can add to your homepage.

YouTube Widget
Do you have a lot of videos on YouTube, or want to display the AYSO National YouTube feed on your site? You can add a widget that will display a playlist of videos on your homepage. You can get the code for a popular YouTube Widget here.

Countdown Widget
An upcoming season could be very exciting to many new players and parents. You could add a countdown widget to your Region website to amp up the excitement for the upcoming season. Here’s a simple one you can place on your website.

If you have any more ideas of widgets that could be useful on a Region website, feel free to add them in the comments!

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