Monday, December 24, 2012

What Does Your Title Tag Say?

A title tag (circled above) is the text that appears at the top of your internet browser, and it is often used when your page is shared on Facebook or Twitter. 

Taking full advantage of the title tag is a great way to improve the SEO for your Region’s website – be sure to include all the important words that not only define your page, but things you think parents/families might be looking for.

We have a class of RCs coming to attend RC Training at the AYSO National Office in the next few weeks. To prepare, I looked up these Region Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Region websites. I was surprised to find that a couple of the Regions didn’t show up in the results when I Googled “AYSO Region XX.” If they had taken full advantage of the title tags, this wouldn’t have happened.

Here’s an example of a strong title tag: “Long Beach Youth Soccer - AYSO Region 22” OR “AYSO Region 22 – Long Beach Youth Soccer”

Why it works:

•    It’s short. At only 40 characters, this title tag will show in its entirety at the top of the browser and in the search results. Keep in mind search engines typically display only 65-75 characters.
•    It uses the AYSO brand. Some parents may not be Googling AYSO, but for the ones that are, there’s no reason why your Region shouldn’t be the first result! Use the AYSO brand!
•    It’s descriptive. Not to mention it’s right to the point. Parents will have no question that they’re in the right place.

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