Friday, December 21, 2012

Steal Our Graphics…it’s Okay!

A lot of Regions like the graphics we have on and have asked or requested to use them on their Region websites. Yes, it’s okay for you to use our graphics on your Region website, social media pages, etc. However, we don’t need to re-create them for you. Here’s an easy way to take a graphic/image off and place it on your website.
  1. Find the graphic you like and right click on it.
  2. You now have two options – you can save the image, or link to it.
    1. To save the image, select the “Save Image As” option (or an option similar to it. I’m using Firefox for this demo and all browsers have different but similar options)
    2. To link to it, select the
      1. “View Image Info” option. A window will pop-up with the complete URL for the image. Copy this url.
      2. “View Image” option. It will open the image in either the same window or a new window. Copy the URL out of the address bar in the browser.
      3. “Copy Image Location” option. This does all of the work for you and will copy the URL.
  3. Decide where you want to place the image on your webpage.
    1. If you downloaded the image, upload it like you would any other image on your website.
    2. If you decided to link to it, use an image tag to place the URL that was copied.
      1. Ex: <img src="">
Simple as that, you have the graphics from on your Region website! If you need any of the graphics in a very specific size, or larger than what is available (we don’t want the graphics to be pixelated!), just comment here or send us an email and we can help you out!

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