Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Value of Facebook Insights

For those of you with Region Facebook pages, are you keeping up with your Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights is a handy tool available for all business pages. By checking your Insights – which are basically the metrics of your Facebook page – you can find out how your posts are engaging with your Facebook audience, where your Facebook fans live, what language they speak and much more.

Above is a shot of Insights for AYSO’s National Facebook page, under the “Likes” tab. You’ll see that the highest segment of our Facebook fans is women age 33-44. With this knowledge, I know that every now and then, I should craft a post tailored to this audience. This helps me achieve high engagement and in turn, more Facebook fans.

Here are some things to consider for your Region:

•    Are a lot of your Facebook fans Spanish-speakers? If so, consider doing a post now and then in Spanish.
•    Do you have Facebook fans in a neighboring city? Be sure to do posts reminding them of registration dates as they might not be seeing your local promotions.
•    Do you have a good number of fans that may be grandparents? Use this info to your advantage, maybe for special promotions come registration season.

Insights can be found in the Admin Panel on your timeline. Under “Insights” click “See All”  to view.

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  1. Our region has two FB pages, a page for the region and a closed page for our VIP group. We have several people as admins on the general page so there's not just one person doing all of the posting. As communications coordinator and a VIP admin, I do all of the posting on the VIP page, due to privacy concerns of some of the families.