Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Make Your Online Community a Safe Haven

Did you know Safe Haven has an Online and Social Media Policy? It covers everything from Facebook and Twitter use to email communication. Here are two important highlights from the policy:

Never post team rosters with names, jersey numbers and/or contact info. While some families may think this is useful, it is very dangerous to have this information posted in a public place (Region website, social media page). If that information lands in the wrong hands, they will have access to important details about minor children – allowing them to attempt to contact that child if they so choose.

Don’t tag minors in photos using their full names. Whether it’s in a caption on your Region website or on your Region Facebook page, it’s important to never tag minors using their full names. This is another safety measure to protect the identity of AYSO’s players and volunteers.

Read the Safe Haven Online and Social Media Policy in its entirety.

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