Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Social Media Can Do for Your Region's Sponsors

Once you build a sizable and engaged social media audience (for a typical-sized Region, I would say this is about 300 Facebook and/or Twitter followers), your online presence can be a useful asset to your Region’s local sponsors.

Whether you’re trying to please your current sponsors, or looking to bag a few new ones, here are a few ways to use social media to promote your Region’s sponsors (or potential sponsors).

Craft and schedule some sponsor-related Facebook and Twitter posts. Work with your local sponsor and decide what message you’d like to communicate to your social media fans. I recommend scheduling sponsor posts ahead of time because local businesses typically have a certain day and/or time they want a particular message to run, and this can be easy to forget. If you schedule it before a busy weekend of AYSO soccer or before the work week gets started, it’ll be off your plate.

Work together with your sponsor’s Facebook page. If your sponsor also has a Facebook page, be sure to be connected – you should like your sponsor’s Facebook page, and they should like yours. When you have Facebook posts about your sponsor, be sure to tag them (you can tag on Facebook simply by typing “@” followed by the Facebook page name) so they know that you’re promoting them. Ask them to do the same for you! This will help you collect more likes from fans of your sponsor that may have not been aware your Region is on Facebook.

Create a social media-only deal for your fans and followers.
For example, say one of your sponsors is a local pizzeria that has a special promotion going on for AYSO families. Consider having a promotion where you promote special code words (example: AYSO rocks!) to your social media followers; anyone that dines at the pizzeria and tells their server the special word get 40 percent off their bill. This not only shows your gratitude to your social media followers by giving them an award, it also generates business for the pizzeria and gives potential fans a reason to follow you.

Has your Region done any social media sponsor promotions?

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