Thursday, March 7, 2013

Advanced Twitter Searching

People on Twitter are always talking – about their weekend plans, their favorite teams, even what they ate for dinner. If you’re ever curious as to what the “Twitter-verse” is saying about AYSO, there are ways to find out.

The first step is going to the “#Discover” section and typing in AYSO in the search box. These will give you the top results of people using #AYSO in their tweets. After a quick browse, click “All” too see all of the unfiltered, unranked responses.

Note: If you’ve promoted a custom hashtag in your Region, i.e., #AYSORegion22, try using that as your search term instead.

When doing a general AYSO search, you’ll see some useful things, maybe some complaining, and also tweets that aren’t even in English. Here’s how to do an advanced Twitter search to see only what you want.

For all of these methods, visit This is what it looks like:

  • To only see tweets in English, go to the “Written in” drop-down menu under “Words” and select English
  • To only see tweets in your area, type in your city in “Near this place”
  • To only see tweets that mention specific Twitter users, type in the usernames in “Mentioning these accounts”
  • Review the other categories to see if there’s other advanced search methods that would be useful to you.
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