Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to get more people to like your page

In a “like” driven world, getting more people to give their stamp of “like” approval on your page is hard. Below are just five things that I recommend trying when you’re looking to get more likes on your Region’s Facebook page.

1.    Be consistent
Try to post on your Region’s Facebook page at least once a week, so your page is always fresh with new information. Don’t leave a stale page, it’s the worst advertisement for a Region!

2.    Use pictures and lots of them
There is a reason why platforms like Instagram and Pinterest do so well in the social media realm. They use photos! On Facebook, pictures tend to be the most shared of all posts and you can really say 1000 words with the tap of an upload. Plus, people love to see their kids, so if you have pictures from the games, use them! 

3.    Keep it short
No one wants to be bogged down on Facebook reading a never-ending paragraph. Utilize fat free writing and keep your posts as short as possible so your fans get the message, but aren’t turned off by the length.


(Saturated Fat Writing) Heavy showers have once again traveled through our town, so there will be no games tomorrow until further notice. Have a great weekend and stay indoors unless you want to get drenched.  

(Fat Free Writing) There will be no games tomorrow due to the rain. Have a great weekend! 
4.    Make it Fun
See what your fans interests are in person and online in order to understand what types of posts they want and contests they would participate in. The more activity on your page by the fans themselves, the more people will “like” your page. Pick incentives and prizes the same way, by knowing your audience personally and choosing what they want.

5.    Be Valuable
Redirect parents to the Region’s website so they are in the know about schedules, results and any other information featured on the website. During the offseason, post links and “how to” articles so your fans value the page and come back to see what you are posting.

If you have comments or know of any additional ways to be successful with social media, please let us know in the comments. We hope this will help you with your Region’s social media needs.

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