Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have You Checked Your Region’s Yelp Reviews?

Yelp can be as impactful for your Region as your other social media platforms. Not long ago, great youth programs were marketed by word of mouth, but these days, more and more organizations are relying on online platforms.

If you are going to a restaurant and want to know if the food is good, chances are you might check Yelp to view the star rating and read other people’s reviews. A lot of parents do the same thing when it comes to choosing what league their kids are going to play in. Does your Region take advantage of Yelp reviews?

The first step is to see if your Region already has a Yelp page set up for you. You can do that by clicking here. You will be able to search your business and claim it if it has been previously set up. After you claim it, you can respond to questions from users, add photos and manage your Yelp reputation.  After you manage your Yelp account, let parents know that your Region is listed on the site, so they can share their positive experiences with others. The more reviews, the better!

 If you don’t see your Region on Yelp, you can create a page here and start managing it from the ground up. Remember, no advertising is as powerful as positive word of mouth, even if it is online. A good Yelp page can help increase your registration numbers by introducing your Region to brand new customers.

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