Friday, June 6, 2014

The way websites get visitors has changed. In today's “Information Age”, if you are not prepared for tablets and cell phones, you are missing out. 
More and more folks are relying heavily on the convenience of their mobile devices. Managers, executives, investors, and other important decision-makers are now enjoying the convenience of a compact device that performs many of the same tasks that a bulky laptop was necessary for in the past. Everyone from moms, kids and business-people are getting their first impression of you from what they see on their tablet or phone. Is your website up to the task?

Did you know:
  • 99% of cell phone owners use their mobile browser at least once a day. 

  • 63% of American shoppers use their cell phones to shop at least once a day. 
  • 71% of mobile devices’ software anticipate that your website pages should load as fast as or faster than website pages on a desktop computer.

  • 74% of purchasers will wait an average of five seconds for a page to load on their mobile device before leaving the website. 

  • Visitors who have a positive mobile experience are much more likely to tell a friend all about you – and they’re also more likely to visit website again!

Studies show that guests who access a full site on one of their mobile devices ALWAYS grumble about the amount of time it takes to load the site and get the data they need. They are less likely to attempt a second visit to websites that don’t function properly on their preferred method of viewing them! Even worse, most people are likely to search for a competitor with a more mobile-accommodating site. 

Your mobile answer: 

A well-composed mobile site is the answer to many of these issues, and can provide your Region with just what they need. This may seem intimidating, but with the many mobile solutions available, isn’t it time you gave folks the ability to know all about your website in the palm of their hand?

Speak to your web host, web developer, or CMS service provider about mobile solutions. Here are just a few of the mobile service providers that could help you build an excellent experience for this ever-growing group of website visitors:

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