Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Reach a Bigger Facebook Audience

 Organic reach numbers are decreasing on Facebook business pages all over the country because of the updated Facebook News Feed algorithm. Simply, the new algorithm cuts down the amount of posts that a user receives in his/her News Feed. It’s great for the user, but at the same time prevents some information that your Region might post from getting to your usual target audience. 

What is organic reach? 

Organic reach is the number of people who saw your Region’s post through unpaid circulation. Paid reach is the number of people who saw your Region’s post as a result of Facebook ads.


 What can you do? 

There is still a lot of free or low cost advertising that your Region can do on Facebook. Below are just five ways that can still put your Region’s page on the map! 

1. Engage with your fans: Use photo contests, promotions, newsletter sign-ups or anything that helps your Region collect useful information and keeps your fans interested in your Region. 

2. Experiment with targeted posts: Your Region can do this relatively cheap with Facebook. If $20 is your Region’s budget for a post, the admin can segment what type of characteristics they want their target to have. This could potentially bring higher registration numbers. 

3. Be interactive: Remember to always respond to comments on your Region’s Facebook page. It’s a lot easier to keep those who are already engaged content, rather than find new people. 

4. Figure out what time works best: Delve into your Facebook Insights (metrics) and see when the majority of your fans are online. Post at the time that works best for your fans.

 5. Keep it fresh: Your Region’s cover photo is prime real estate. Change it frequently to promote what’s current and important to your Region. 

 For more ways on how to supplement your Region’s reach, click here.

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