Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Planning Social Media Promotions for 2014

As you know, AYSO turns 50 next year, and the National Office is busily getting ready for the celebration and all its festivities. 

Have you started thinking of ways to modify your Region's website and social media presence on our Golden Anniversary? Here a couple easy ideas:

  • Once the official 50th Anniversary Logo is released, prepare website graphics, profile images, etc., to include online next year.
  • Work with your fellow Board Members to plan a 50th anniversary registration event that incorporates your Region website, and Facebook and Twitter pages. For example, perhaps offer your Region's families that are your Facebook and Twitter fans a special 50th anniversary registration price. This will take some planning ahead as it will have to be factored into the Region budget.
  • Think about doing something special on your Region website for 2014, e.g. a decorative homepage skin, website revamp or the addition of a new 50th anniversary channel on your site.
Part of my job is developing the social media initiatives for 2014. Nationally, we are planning on having a significant social media presence throughout the year, and we’ve been brainstorming ways to maximize engagement with AYSO players, volunteers, parents, alumni and we'd like some feedback from the Webmasters.

From your experience, what type of social media promotion would work best with your Region’s players and families?


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