Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make Your Site Say AYSO!

Branding is important in AYSO so that parents know it’s a large, nationwide organization. We have a great selection of branding items available in the Region Toolkit on Anything you can add to your site that will help it look professional and maintain AYSO branding, will make parents feel that they have chosen a quality soccer organization for their children.

Logo Usage
It’s a good idea to use the National AYSO logo as much as you can in conjunction with your Region logo. We have a logo frame that has been created to help with this venture. It is simple to download and add your Region logo. It helps parents and families see that your local Region is part of a larger national organization that is committed to youth soccer across the country. The logo frame can be found in the Region Toolkit under the AYSO Logo section.

AYSO Colors
It’s also important that the colors used on your website are the correct AYSO colors, and not an offshoot of those colors. You want to make sure that the red and the blue match the colors in the AYSO traditional logo to maintain consistency throughout your website. Below are the color codes that can be used for the AYSO red and AYSO blue:

HEX CODE #EF3E33 #034EA2
RGB CODE rgb(239, 62, 51) rgb(3, 78, 162)

AYSO Photos
Good photos are important for making a website look clean and professional. We have a library of photos available for AYSO use in the Photos section of our Region Toolkit. There are a variety of photos available, including boys and girls and different age groups. While we don’t require that Regions use our photos, we recommend using high quality photos. Try to stay away from snapshots of players that are blurry, poorly cropped or framed, or have harsh lighting. Always make sure that if you do use local photos on your website, that you have written permission by any of the people whose faces are visible in the photos.

If You Need It, We Can Make It
If there is something you’d like on your website (banners, buttons, etc.), just let us know and we can get those graphics created for you. We want to be able to support our Region websites as much as possible, and that includes creating graphics for our webmasters.

If you have any questions about how to brand your AYSO Region website, please let us know in the comments!


  1. It would be great to have pictures of Referees as well. We often have notices or Referee dress code reminders to post and there are no photographs available of AYSO referees in full uniform.

  2. It is an area we are working on here are the National Office as well, as appropriately dressed referees are difficult to come by (the no hats or sunglasses rule makes it difficult since a lot of referees tend to wear those two items while refereeing). I will browse our photos and post five or six good referee photos to the toolkit for general use. Look for them in the next week or so.

  3. Thank you. I understand. I am a referee as well and yes, I put on my sunglasses on bright days sometimes. Sunny So. Cal life and light sensitive eyes. Hey, I'm on the sideline :-)

  4. Hi Kathi. We have added nine referee photos to the toolkit for everyone's use.

  5. Wonderful! Thank you Jen for being so responsive to our needs.