Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Increase Facebook Engagement with Images

The Webmaster Info Spot has been on a roll lately with informative posts on using/editing photos. To cap off the unofficial series, I wanted to share this good-to-know tidbit of Facebook advice:

Posts with images will receive higher engagement than posts without. did some research, and they discovered that “images have been the No.1 driver of engagement on a page since timeline launched.” That means that images beat out links, videos and text-only status updates for the top spot. And this means that images catch the eye of your Facebook fans more than anything else.

“Posts including a photo album or a picture can generate two times more engagement than other post types,” reports

Because users are engaged with images, they are prominently featured in news feeds. 

What does this mean for your Region? Next time you post an update about a registration event or a fundraising opportunity, include a cute or funny photo along with it. This will drive up engagement and make sure that as many parents and volunteers see the post as possible.

Check out our social media photo database here. And check out past posts on choosing the right images for your site and super simple photo editing.

The photo above got high engagement for AYSO Region 56’s Referee Facebook page. I re-posted it on AYSO’s national page, and it received one of the highest levels of engagement ever on the page.

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