Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Makes a Succesful Facebook Page

When it comes to creating a successful Facebook presence for your AYSO Region, a lot of thing are in play. How frequently you post images, how responsive you are to your Facebook fans, and a variety of other factors.

Social marketing company Wishpond recently did a study on what makes a successful page. Here's what they found:

  • Successful pages are visually oriented and post images frequently. 93 percent of the most engaging Facebook posts overall are photos. Need help with some interesting photos? Feel free to snatch any flicks from the AYSO National page and use them as your own. You have our permission!
  • Successful pages are responsive. Some of the more popular and engaging pages have super high response rates with their customers. When parents, volunteers, players come to your Region's Facebook page, be sure you respond within that 24-48 hour window. And this response could simply be: "Thanks for sharing your comment/concern, please send an email to XXXX@XXX to follow up on this matter."
  • Learn to love it. Successful pages have page owners that report to enjoy using Facebook to promote their business. If you enjoy the platform you're using, it will come through in your postings. Try to enjoy it - being social is all about having a good time!

For the infographic with more research on this topic, click here.


  1. Ha! I've been stealing pix from AYSO for our Region's FB page for a long time now. My biggest issue is having good, relevant content to go with those nice pix. I usually will re-post something from AYSO National on our site due to that fact.

    1. George - this is likely an issue that a lot of Page Managers find themselves dealing with, because depending on the time of year, there won't also be something timely to post.

      When I'm low on these types of posts, I try to find a cute/moving photo and a nice quote or phrase to go with it. For example, yesterday I posted a photo of a team being silly with the quote:

      “With an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything.” This is dedicated to all the #AYSO teams out there working hard and having fun!

      It got a good amount of engagement because people liked the photo and perhaps could relate to the quote. Content like that can be powerful.

      I would stay away from sharing too often, just because it shows up as a share and the page you shared it from gets all the credit. Content unique to your page would get you the attention you deserve!