Friday, January 24, 2014

Help with Choosing Your Region's Website Host

We realize that choosing a web host can be a difficult decision to make. They all seem like they offer the same products for the same price. We've decided to break down our featured hosting providers so you can get a direct comparison on the features they offer.

Easy Content Management System (CMS) X X X
Migration Included X
Lots of Themes X X X
Customer Support X X X
Advertising X X
Paid Upgrade X X
Schedule Module X X X
Reporting/Stats Module X X
Email Module X X
Calendar Module X X
Volunteer Sign Up Module X X
Photo Gallery X X
Blog X
Text Messaging X

If you have comments or know of any additional features, please let us know in the comments. We hope this will help you with making your hosting decision!


  1. We're using the AYN sites, with good results so far. We like the revenue positive model, as we're receiving some funds from it. Even though there are ads on the site, we're getting a portion of the proceeds from them which is a plus for our Region. With our previous Clubspaces sites, we were ad-sponsored, but we received nothing for it.

    The folks at AYN have just upgraded the calendar function, which is rather similar to the old Clubspaces calendar. Since I was familiar with the old one, this is rather easy for me to pick up.

    Also, AYN developed a mobile app for our site, with our information on it. It seems to work rather well, although linking to the not mobile friendly eAYSO website is of rather limited utility. Maybe if I had a phablet it would work better, but on my old Android most of the app works well. It's available for Android and iPhone.

    The sites are based on Word Press which is very popular for websites and blogs. These sites also have many plug-ins that allow you do more things with them. I've just installed a SEO plug in on our site, and am excited to see what it might do for us.

    Generally, we're happy with our new site, and I would recommend it to Regions who are budget and technology limited.

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