Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WebRTC and the bleeding edge.

Have any of you heard of WebRTC technology? anyone, anyone, (the sound of crickets ensues...) Of course you haven't basically no one has this stuff is the bleeding edge of web development, but fortunately for you dear reader I love the bleeding edge, I have a house there year round.

I see nothing wrong with this...

WebRTC is a technology that is currently being looked at by the W3C (the grand high poobah's of web standards) into becoming a standard with the goal of providing a web-based set of tools that any device can use to share audio, video and data in real time. It’s still very much in the early development stages, but WebRTC has the future potential to replace technologies like Skype, Flash and many hardcoded native apps with web-based alternatives that work on any device.

It’s still going to be years before WebRTC starts to deliver on that promise, but now developers in the halls of many of the worlds most sophisticated tech firms are working and developing fascinating  WebRTC experiments, like the Mozilla/Google phone call demo, to more practical apps like Codassium.

Codassium is particularily interesting because it uses WebRTC to bring together WebRTC-based video chat and Mozilla’s Ace code editor. The result is a incredibly intuitive way to conduct remote interviews, further Codassium could be used for more than just interviews — think website reviews, remote pair programming or even just discussing code with remote contractors.

You can use Codassium today all you need is a compliant web browser, recent versions of Firefox and Chrome will both work. Head over to the Codassium site click the start button and allow the site to access your camera and microphone.,after the vidchat loads, just click the Invite button and send the resulting link to the person you’d like to work with. Pretty cool huh.

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