Friday, October 4, 2013

Web development language, and how to understand the technospeak of the Internet.

Whilst swimming these wide waters we call the internet, we come across various codewords, secret-speak, jargon if you will, that can make it feel like you stumbled into the halls of some clandestine coven of need-to-know code speakers, as opposed to a message board devoted to the glory of puppies. More relevantly; if you are building a website, or if you are having someone build you a website, the people developing or using your site will start speaking to you using these words and terms assuming a familiarity you just may not have. 

When he said azimuth, I thought we were talking about a demon.

Fear not intrepid reader of blogs for we have your salvation, what follows is a glossary of the most common web developer and user lingo. So for anyone who ever wondered what the heck a CAPTCHA™ is and why it matters, or what is CSS and why you should never use it in your email blasts, this handy guide shall steer you in the right direction so you will be able to effectively communicate and understand when building or using your and others websites.

Web Design Glossary

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