Friday, July 19, 2013

How Searchable is Your Facebook Page?

I hope that you promote your Facebook page to all of your Region’s families and volunteers during registration events and the like. But if someone is out there on Facebook searching for your Region page, is it easy to find?

For example, if a user goes into the search bar, and types in “Region 32…” Region 32, Region 320, Region 3204 should all automatically populate in the drop-down predicted results. Or, if a user searches for their local AYSO by city and/or state, that should also automatically bring up results.

Here’s how to ensure that your Facebook page is searchable:

Make sure your Facebook page name is working for you. I recommend using “AYSO” followed by the Region number as the main page title. For example “AYSO Region 32.”

Make sure an address is listed in the About section.
This section has been given more prominence on Facebook recently, and it definitely is picked up in the search results. The About section is right below the profile picture, and once you click on it, you’ll see the address section. Even if it’s just a city and state, be sure to list some type of address info here.

Make sure you have a Business Page. Private group pages, community pages, etc., don’t always get picked up in Facebook’s search results. Business pages ALWAYS do.

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